Aitareya Studio

Design Crew

Shweta Luhana

Creative Design Head

An interior designer by Profession, CEPT Alumni and a world traveller by passion.I am a fulltime optimist-dedicated to making the world around me beautiful. I am that Dream-weaver who listens to all your dreams and desires, draws inspiration from history, fantasy, folklore and handcrafted aesthetics to transcend them into jaw-dropping space creations. Each of our Spaces has timelessness and an inherent theatrical flavor to it. My spaces are always curated by memorable stories, either igniting its creation or captured as unforgettable nostalgic experiences, taken back by each user of the space who experiences it! Our creations are widely admired for their attention to detail and the timeless Aesthetics!

Archit Mehta

Landscape Designer

Landscape design is about variety of elements together leading to a functional and beautiful outdoor spaces. We at outline studios believe in achieving a landscape design solution in collaboration and co-ordination of architectural design and site conditions as well as the user. With the diverse nature of projects ranging from institutional buildings, hospitality, townships to private residences irrespective of the scale or complexity we remain committed to innovative design and quality service.

Vishwa Shah

Interior Designer

Specialising in commercial spaces and hospitality industry. She aims at creating contemporary yet qualitative designs that create a detailed aura of perfection. Completed more than 50 projects including residential projects. Believes that designing has many unspoken avenues thus taking motivational inspiration from everything around us.

Urja Sheth

Interior Designer 

Urja is an avid designer who loves to explore the unexplored and find her way with eccentric design ideas. She has a defined interest and experience in not only interior design but also interior styling, visual merchandising & experience design. She tries to create a lifestyle of beauty and balance with spaces and structures that reflect a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation.

Darshan Rughani

Interior Designer 

Interior Designing is a lot about observing and reasoning with the surroundings to find a source of inspiration. he thinks that feeling the Vibe of the space is much important to create the desired ambiance with artistic creativity. Ultimately he has been constantly inspired in his designs, through his clients, their aesthetics, their requirements and the story of their life.He firmly believes that his constant hunger and curiosity of learning something new keeps him pushing the limits and widens the dimension in his work. 

Kratika Sharma

Interior Designer 

An artist by passion, this Interior Designer believes in experience being a best teacher in her professional life. She has developed a meticulous sense in design which is extremely refined. Her dynamic nature and vivacious persona reflects in her work, leaving an enduring impression. She has been instrumental in defining her sleek and nuanced style. There have been rigourous attempt on every project to create a serene, timeless and elegant interiors.

Nehal Desai

Textile Designer 

Nehal Desai is a textile designer, artist & surface pattern designer creating bespoke custom made soft furnishing products and print solutions for over a decade. She specialises in using hand crafted techniques and styles for her creations.