Aitareya Studio

Aitareya Services

Let us be your partners to bring about your dream space. Designing the area space, drawing the plan, coordinating with agencies and overseeing the execution, we are your partners and help you in completion of the project. From entire house to styling a small corner, renovating spaces to total makeover of your house, we are here to make it happen

Interior and styling
Get the look from contemporary, modern to traditional and bohemian, we will help you create your favorite style.

Turnkey Projects
Design, create and installation service where we deliver your vision in the most optimal and stress-free manner.

Customized Furniture
Tailored to your taste and fit for your lifestyle

Home Decor
It’s all in the details. Extensive collection of contemporary, modern, traditional and culturally enriched products to light up your home.

Landscape Designing
Thoughtful Landscape design is the key to creating an attractive outdoor. Whether you have a tiny backyard or a sprawling garden or a piece of land, we help you transform your space making it more relaxing and entertaining.


Decorative lights & chandeliers that lift up the light and the ambiance of any room, giving it a cosy yet grandeur feels.

Wooden Flooring

Wide range of options from our inhouse agency that are meant to last & easy to maintain.

Ready to buy Furniture

Ready to buy Furniture at our store.